Lovers Locks

This Valentine’s weekend we hosted a unique event, which was inspired by love padlocking. Love padlocking is an international phenomenon which involves couples signing a padlock, with each person’s initials, before attaching it to a piece of municipal ironwork (typically bridges) as a gesture of love.

From Thursday 9th February – Saturday 11th February, we installed a giant archway, adapted the international spectacle and invited couples to secure their personalised padlock on the romantic display and take a memorable photograph on the love seat, infront of the luxurious red drapes.

Participants were encouraged to enter the our competition to win a romantic stay with their loved one or a friend in the city centre. The competition had numerous entries but there could only be one winner, Naomi Paton, from Edinburgh. Naomi can now look forward to the relaxing stay and dinner for two, at Le Monde hotel, in the heart of the city.