Exciting Times Ahead

Posted on June 18, 2018 Under News

We’re really excited to announce that our plans to revitalise Waverley Mall with a new market style piazza and natural meeting place within the heart of Edinburgh have been submitted for approval!

Since acquiring Waverley Mall in March 2017, asset managers, Moorgarth have undertaken extensive reviews of Waverley Mall and its customers to understand how we contribute to Edinburgh’s retail and leisure scene. The plans that have been inspired by this insight are aimed at  enhancing and improving the way in which the mall integrates into the surrounding area.

Along with a newly designed roof space, a new entrance at the corner of Princes Street and Waverley Bridge will be created offering much improved access for all. The Princes Street pavement will be doubled in width relieving the pressure on the busy stretch from Waverley Bridge to the top of the steps. 

A key feature of the new roof terrace will be the creation of shops, restaurants and leisure units along the elevations overlooking The Balmoral and the Old Town across the rooftop of Waverley Station and Princes Street Gardens. The north elevation of the terrace will be open onto Princes Street with steps leading from Princes Street to a wide open European style piazza area.    This area can be secured at night, addressing current anti-social behaviour issues, whilst providing the opportunity for the terrace to become a controlled social and amenity space. The designs at roof level reflect the elegant parterre style gardens of the original Victorian Waverley Market and will provide an attractive addition to the site. A walkway along the entire southern elevation will provide access to the magnificent views of the Old Town.

These plans follow the granting of planning permission in March 2018, to widen the entrances onto Waverley Steps in an effort to enhance the visitor experience to the centre and the general aspect up the steps themselves. In addition, Waverley Mall will soon undergo a programme of internal works, aimed at reviving the look and feel of the mall.

As Tim Vaughan, CEO Moorgarth Group explains, these proposals are all about maximising the potential of this unique site, for the benefit of both Edinburgh’s residents and visitors:

“Following our acquisition of Waverley Mall, the intention has always been to explore and fully understand the role it plays within the fabric of Edinburgh. This has brought about a vision that looks to return areas of the mall back to the original market concept, whilst looking to create something of real quality and vibrancy within the heart of the city.