Follow the signs to the city centre. The nearest car parking facilities are metered parking on Market Street and a car Park on New Street EH8 8BH. Both less than 10 minutes walk from Waverley Mall.


Take any bus to Princes Street, Waverley Mall is located at the East End. If you’re coming in from the east, get off at the first stop on Princes Street and Waverley Mall is immediately on your left. If you’re heading in from the west or south west, get off at the last stop (usually the third stop along Princes Street.) Waverley Mall is on the opposite side of the road.


Take the train to Waverley Station and follow signs to Princes Street to leave the station. As you ascend Waverley Steps, you will find doors to the lower mall on the second landing, which will bring you into the food court and then upper malls on the fourth landing.


Waverley Mall is accessible by tram from the west, with the tram route providing easy direct from as far as Edinburgh City Airport. St. Andrew Square is the closest tram stop to Waverley Mall – just a 3 minute walk away. More details can be found at